We are DipSway

We are a team of developers and designers who are passionate about creating the new way of holding and investing crypto assets. We are building a platform that will allow you to create your own crypto fund and manage it with ease.

We're just getting started.

Our mission is to help traders profit from the world of cryptocurrencies, regardless of their knowledge of them.

  • Sept 25, 2017

    First Commit

    The Project first began as pure curiosity, it was a single script running in Florian's laptop, it was reading data from the blockchain and making simulated decisions based on it.

  • March 23, 2018

    The Birth

    Thus was born the basic version of the bot, which used a mix of indicators and market pattern detectors, combined to define the bot's decisions. Execution of the algorithm was limited to a small number of friends and ran on a single server, in France.

  • June 2019

  • June 02, 2019

    The Team Assembled

    That summer Florian met the person who would accompany him as a cofounder in this experience, Luca, who gave a decisive turn to the project, being the missing piece to transform the bot from a simple script for friends, to something bigger.

  • November 01, 2019

    Covid Situation

    Beyond the impact Covid has had in our lives, the market, like the cryptocurrency market, has undergone a change unprecedented in human history. This provided a golden opportunity to study and improve the strategy used by the bot, at a particularly difficult time for the market.

  • Dec 18, 2022

    H-FARM Blockchain Pitch

    We stepped on stage with style and confidence, and we were able to present our project to a panel of experts, who were very impressed by our work. This gave us the opportunity to network with traders and other influential blockchain experts who left their footprint on the project. This early success gave us the right drive and motivation to continue working on our vision.

  • Jan 2023

  • Jan 16, 2023


    We finally founded the company, and we are now working on the next steps.

  • Jan 21, 2023

    Early Access Users

    We decided to expand the use of the bot from a circle of friends to a circle of Early Access users. After the launch on Product Hunt, we received 550signups within 3 months.

  • [exp] May 2023

    First Big Launch

    The jump from managing a script for a small group of friends to offering a hosted service to ~1k people around the globe is significant. It required months of sweat and dedication. However, with true commitment and patience, we are almost ready to officially launching DipSway into the market.

We're here to change the way you invest crypto.

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