Our Journey

To provide high-quality, profitable AI crypto trading bots for trades of any level
growing their investment wallet and enhancing their daily performances.

Why we started DipSway

One day we were getting notifications from the Coinbase mobile app of the recent price of Bitcoin like "Bitcoin is up 5% today". We thought it would be cool to have a bot that would operate BEFORE such notifications. We searched the web and couldn't find anything easy to use, that runs in the cloud. So we decided to build it ourselves.


First bot version

First simulation of Algo-Trading strategy for Bitcoin and Etheruem, we started to include more crypto assets and more strategies. We started to see the potential of our bot and we decided to make it public.


A "simple strategy" was not enough

We built and trained a neural network that would learn from the market and make predictions. The results showed a very high accuracy.


Live bot release

International infrastructure. 315+ available crypto. New user-friendly platform for users. Trading tools & features for better user experience.


Our transparency value

Live backtests and Live performances were released to the public. We want transparency to be a key differentiator between us and other companies who show no evidence of their results.

What does Working at DipSway look like?

Working at DipSway feels like a continuous self-improvement journey. Our philosophy is quite simple: "Everyone's opinions and ideas are valuable to make more progress".

Luca Dalla Chiara
Marketeer & Co-Founder

Working at DipSway puts you in an environment that pushes you to improve and strive for greatness, meaning: thinking, executing, delivering and iterating have always room for improvements.

Florian Sabani
Software Engineer & Co-Founder


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