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  • 1 bot
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  • Speed frequency: 1min

Frequently Asked Questions

DipSway is a crypto trading solution suited for anyone who wants to get in before trend waves and wants to grow their crypto wallet over time in the long period. DipSway is built on two important pillars: -a multitude of backtested algorithms -an AI neural network Thanks to the combination of these 2 elements DipSway is constantly evolving and adapting everyday to the current market This makes the bot more efficient and reliable then others on the market.

What is DipSway and how does it work?

You can join DipSway and see our CEO's wallet performance on the bot for free in which you will get all the detailed performances info about the bot in the last 6 months. To get the bot working on your wallet you can choose the plan that is tailored to your needs.

What's the algorithm behind DipSway?

No! DipSway cannot access your funds and will never ask you to have access. Before creating your API to connect to our service you must check-off the withdraw option. The only actions DipSway can do are: Open and Close orders. Visit our security page:

Do I have to deposit funds in DipSway?

No, DipSway is built for anyone who wants to have a more profitable crypto journey. it doesn't matter if you are new to crypto or you are a skilled trader. You can always benefit from our automated bot

Do I have to be a trader to use DipSway?