Earn 30% commission on every friend invite,

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You use your preferred marketing channels to attract new users to our platform, and once they become paying customers, we pay you a recurring commission. Our ambassador program is a great way to start a business such as crypto blogs or any marketing channel you'd like to start monetising on.

No, you can share your affiliate and start monetising even without a paid plan.

Our payments are recurring, meaning that we will continue to pay you throughout the entire lifetime of the customer. This includes monthly AND yearly subscriptions. Yearly subscriptions will be broken down into monthly payments.

Payouts will be monthly and available through bank transfer or Paypal.

You have your personal dashboard with every metric about your referrals.

False Information and Deceptive Links: It is strictly prohibited to mislead potential users with false information or provide links intended to deceive future customers. Self-Referrals and Exploiting Discounts: Ambassadors are not allowed to refer themselves in order to earn a commission or take advantage of discounts and benefits meant for new customers. Keyword and Trademark Restrictions: Purchasing domain names, search engine keywords, or pay-per-click advertisements that use any DipSway keywords, trademarks, variations, or misspellings is not permitted. SPAM: Sending bulk emails, messages on social networks, chats, messengers, or any other form of communication that constitutes spam is strictly prohibited. Such activities will result in account cancellation. Illegal Activities: Engaging in any form of illegal activity, including fraud, using stolen credentials, or any other criminal activities, is not tolerated. Referral Program Abuse: Any attempts to cheat or abuse our referral program are against our policies and will result in consequences. Consequences of Policy Violations: Violation of these rules will lead to the termination of your affiliate account. We reserve the right to disqualify commissions earned through illegal, fraudulent, or questionable marketing methods. EU Regulations: Please be aware that in accordance with EU regulations, we do not collaborate with partners from the Russian Federation and Belarus, and we do not accept referral traffic from these countries.