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Live Backtest Performances

See how our strategies have performed in the past.
We focus on delivering high quality and interactive backtests.


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Accurate Backtesting

High quality backtest process

Historical Data Quality

We ensure that the live-candlesticks that are used are of the highest quality.

Transaction Costs

Maker and taker fees of 0.1% are applied to each trade.

Slippage and Delay:

Slippage of 0.1% and a delay of few minutes are applied to each trade.

Overfitting Avoidance

We use a custom walk-forward analysis to avoid overfitting.


Last 6 months live stats of crypto reports

See and interact with the live stats of our crypto reports. We sync the stats every day.
Highly performant

More than an ordinary strategy.

We have a unique combination of different trading styles and strategies that have been tested and optimized by AI over time.
  • 112+ technical indicators
  • 17+ pattern detectors
  • Constantly Evolving Neural Net
  • Walk Forward Optimization
  • Genetic Self-Learning Algorithm

Executing our strategy on over 350+ crypto

  • BTC crypto
  • ETH crypto
  • XRP crypto
  • BCH crypto
  • BSV crypto
  • LTC crypto
  • EOS crypto
  • BNB crypto
  • ADA crypto
  • XLM crypto
  • TRX crypto
  • XTZ crypto
  • LINK crypto
  • XMR crypto
  • BAT crypto
  • NEO crypto
  • DASH crypto
  • ZEC crypto
  • ETC crypto
  • ONT crypto
  • ZRX crypto
  • QTUM crypto
  • BTG crypto
  • VET crypto
  • DOGE crypto
  • DCR crypto
  • WAVES crypto
  • MKR crypto
  • BTG crypto
  • BTG crypto
  • BTG crypto
  • BTG crypto

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