One bot for all.

It focuses on profiting in the long-run thanks to an evolving strategy. It opens before every pump, and it gets out before every drop.

Infinite IQ

The bot you'll be connecting thinks and acts as if it was a real person. The one bot for all is built through a multitude of algorithms all backtested and added in a neural network which, through a ranking system, allows it to know if its best to open or close a trade. Because of the neural network the bot will constantly improve and adapt at best to the market situation.

Make profit while others fail to do so

Our one for all bot runs 24/7 with no interruptions and has an on/off switch that gives you the power to manipulate its activity as you like. This means it will run while everyone else sleeps!

Not a pro? No need to be

Your bot comes with a sleak interface design. This makes it easy to read all your important metrics. You can run a one for all bot in just a few clicks, no configurations and it's all very intuitive.

Power of AI, in your pocket

Our service is cloud-hosted, so your bot stays on even when you are offline.

It evolves into a faster... smarter... and more profitable bot.

The behavior of the bot is based on a neural network which is trained on historical data. The bot will constantly improve and adapt at best to the market situation.

When does it trades?

After the bot has scanned with success all the desired assets, it places an order at the best time.

Here's how it works:

Frequently Asked Questions

The bot's behavior is based on a neural network trained on historical data.

What is the bot's behavior based on?

Every 24 hours, the Machine Learning algorithm updates the weights for each cryptocurrency pair.

How often does the bot update its weights?

The bot uses a score saved in the ML model to decide what percentage of the available USDT to invest in an order.

How does the bot decide how much USDT to invest?

The bot has a self-critical capability to automatically understand when it is unable to trade a particular asset.

Can the bot trade any asset?

A "self-esteem score" is produced throughout the online machine learning process based on metrics that indicate the strategy's performance over the past 7 days. The higher the "trust" score, the higher the percentage.

How does the bot determine its confidence in a particular asset?